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Considering the physical, mental and emotional energy involved in horse ownership, not to mention the financial outlay, surely you and your horse (or pony) deserve to be happy, confident and comfortable?


If you're not, maybe I can help!


For the horse or rider in crisis, I run an Independent Equestrian Consultancy service. Seemingly insoluble problems are tackled in a sympathetic. open-minded and practical way. You can expect, safe, sound advice, based on my considerable experience in the fields of education, complementary medicine and the equine industry. You can find full details in my curriculum vitae. I'm NOT a top level equestrian superstar...and I'm no braver than the next person! So, I can genuinely sympathise with you and address the issues at your level, without being either patronising or unrealistic.

We can look at every aspect of the issue at hand and tackle it from every possible angle. Certainly, if I feel that some of the products stocked by The Natural Approach would help, I may recommend them...but only if I genuinely believe that they would be appropriate. I am just as likely to suggest items I don't stock if I think they would help you or your horse! Of course, you may not need anything 'material'! It may be that you need to change your stable routine or feeding programme or make adjustments to your tack. Or perhaps you require some coaching to help you overcome a riding problem or an unhelpful negative attitude?

Consultancy sessions can be tailored to suit your individual requirements and may involve discussions here or at your home, advice by post, telephone consultations or coaching sessions with you and your horse. Written back-up reports are always provided.

Fees are based on an hourly rate plus a travel allowance where appropriate. Follow-up telephone consultations are charged pro-rata, with the first fifteen minute follow-up consultation being FREE.

If you'd like to find out more, please do get in touch.

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