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Your Saddle is Only as Good as the Numnah You Have Under It!
  • Is a poorly-fitting, badly-made numnah causing your horse discomfort and marring the performance of your saddle?
  • Is your horse allergic to man-made fibres?
  • Do you want a top quality numnah made from natural materials which will stand up to regular use and constant washing without losing its shape?

The Answer!

MATTES EQUESTRIAN: A beautifully-made range of numnahs to suit every budget. The design is excellent: these numnahs are generously cut with a higher wither profile and adjustable velcro fastenings placed so as not to cause any pressure. Available in three ranges.

  • The Platinum Range - Genuine Sheepskin
  • The Gold Range - Deluxe 100% Knitted Wool Fabric
  • The Silver Range - Standard 100% Knitted Wool Fabric

Click on Image to view MATTES numnahs.

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