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Luxury Grooming for Your Horse

from Stubben and Mattes

Stubben Body Brushes

The very best on the market, made of all natural components. The backs are wood or leather with a leather handle. The bristles are pig or horse hair. The outer rings of the bristles are placed slightly higher to protect sensitive areas, such as around the eyes, while grooming.

Style Description Price
5205 'Flex' Leather back with soft horse hair bristles £31.00
5201 'Natur' Wooden back with pig bristles £21.00
5203 'Flex' Black wooden back with pig bristles £23.00
5204 'Flex' Leather back with pig bristles £29.00
5206 'Junior Star' Wooden back (for smaller hands) with pig bristles £13.00
Mattes Grooming Mitts
Style Description Price
Double-sided Pure Sheepskin When used for grooming, the natural lanolin in the sheepskin brings a high gloss shine to the horse's coat. Particularly good for washing down and massage too. £11.75
Pure Sheepskin and Cactus Cloth Sheepskin on one side and cactus cloth on the other. The cactus is of very high quality and works extremely well when removing dry dirt and horse hair. £12.75
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