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Daylight Simulation Bulbs

The Importance of Daylight

Research has shown that our bodies absorb light energy as a form of nourishment. It's what plants do for a living after all! And, although we may not be as good at it as they are, we certainly benefit from being outdoors.

But, of course many of us can't spend our whole time in the open air - climate, earning a living and caring for the home tend to get in the way! And yet, we know from research that we thrive in full spectrum light.

So, what can we do about it? The answer is to use Daylight Simulation Bulbs in your home, work place, stables and kennels.

Bulb Size


(Incl VAT)

15 Watt BC Daylight Sewing Machine Bulb £3.99
15 Watt ES Daylight Sewing Machine Bulb £3.99
40 Watt BC Daylight Bulb £3.99
40 Watt ES Daylight Bulb £3.99
60 Watt BC Daylight Bulb £3.99
60 Watt ES Daylight Bulb £3.99
60 Watt ES R80 Daylight Spotlight £6.00
100 Watt BC Daylight Bulb £3.99
100 Watt ES Daylight Bulb £3.99
11 Watt BC Energy Saving Bulb £10.99
20 Watt BC Energy Saving Bulb £10.99

Also Available to Order:

  • Fluorescent Tubes
  • Magnifying Lamps
  • Daylight Desk Lamps
  • Daylight Task Lamps

Please ask us for a Brochure and Price List.

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