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Findhorn Flower Essences

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Findhorn Flower essences are made using flowers from Scotland, and pure water from healing wells. They are prepared by the sun-infusion method pioneered in the 1930s by Dr Edward Bach, whose own remedies revived the age-old use and understanding of the natural healing power of flowering plants and trees.
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Individual Essences (15 mls) Click here for a detailed list £9.95 each
First Aid (30 mls) A soothing combination offering immediate relief in any crisis. Used in cases of stress, trauma or shock on the physical, emotional or mental level, it can help relieve associated fear and aid in the release of tension and pain. £9.95
First Aid Gel (50 mls) Contains the First Aid essences in an Aloe Vera gel for external application. £10.95
First Aid Cream (50 mls)   £19.95
Life Force (30 mls) An excellent combination to help overcome tiredness, apathy and burnout. It revitalises and strengthens immunity and generates vibrancy and energy. £10.95
Bon Voyage Travel Spray (50 mls) Addresses the negative effects of travel such as time zone disorientation, disturbed sleep patterns, dehydration and water retention, appetite imbalances, claustrophobia and panic. £9.95
Sacred Space Spray (50 / 100 mls) £10.95 / £14.95
Healing with Flowers Attunement Cards (set) A beautifully produced set of cards with lovely photographs and illustrations which highlight the essential qualities of each flower. They may be used for meditation or simply to gain insight into the inherent energies within each flower. £14.95
Findhorn Flower Essences by Marion Leigh (book) A comprehensive guide to the Findhorn Flower Essences, written by the woman who developed them. £9.95

New Book: Findhorn Flower Essences Handbook by Marion Leigh (200 pages)

Empty 50 ml Bottles To make up doses from stock £0.56
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